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AstronART The place where you can recreate your world A Pop-Up of Art and New Media Technology for children regardless of age or ability

From the first mark of the caves, thousands of years ago, to the first step on the moon, the greatest achievements of mankind started from the conception of an idea. Every child is born with creative ability, overflowing curiosity, discovers, invents and creates. When growing up, during school life, this creative ability is not properly developed and is gradually lost.

At the same time, the development and spread of technology in all fields of human expression combined with economic uncertainty, play a key role in the formation of a very different world than the one we are experiencing today. Worldwide, educational initiatives aimed to empower creativity through arts and technology are establishing, like STEAM educational platforms (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math), in order the generations to face future unknown and growing challenges. These initiatives are not easily accessible due to their high costs and limited formal initiatives to this direction.


  • Set up an interdisciplinary workgroup in order to design, implement and evaluate the action plan. Members of the educational, artistic, academic and scientific / technological community will be involved in the workgroup
  • Design and prototype the AstronART pop-up Toolkit
  • Organize workshops and info-sessions for teachers and animators in order to create the "multipliers" of the AstronART initiative
  • Design a strategic communication action plan
  • Cooperate with official organizations and institutions for mentoring and implementation of the initiative
  • Cooperate with NGOs and socio-cultural initiatives in order to promote social inclusion and to respect diversity
  • Implements the initiative at schools and other social communities of Thessaloniki under the auspices of educational institutions and local government
  • Set up and curation of the participatory interactive art exhibition
  • Evaluate the action plan of the initiative quantitatively and qualitatively
  • Develop a sustainability plan of the initiative

The AstronART is a thematic prototype pop-up lab of Art and New Media Technology designed for children and adolescents. It aims to youth empowerment in order to put creativity in action as a key word for tomorrow’s pioneers, encourage taking risks without the fear of failure, embracing free creative expression. The children and adolescents will be inventors rather than consumers of technology, will critically activate their mind in interdisciplinary fields in order to face challenges and discover innovative ideas.

The initiative also aims to contribute to the democratization and dissemination of STEAM education and methodology by using well-established methods and tools, providing greater accessibility to them. Inspired by other European, cultural, social and educational initiatives, AstronART will start its pilot implementation at the schools and other social communities of Thessaloniki. Initially, individual artworks will be delivered, which will be exhibited at a later stage in a public place as a participatory interactive art installation with the use of New Media Technology.

The initiative encourages the children to raise their voice, be the change- makers of their communities, and to build safe environments for critical thinking and free flow of ideas. The children will realize their potential and will manage to develop solutions to problems of their local communities and constitute a catalyst at an individual and collective level.

Five AstronARTs will start their journey simultaneously in February 2017, will last four months and will take place in selected schools and communities. Based on the sustainability plan, these five AstronARTs will be the prototype and others will follow.

They will be designed according to the specific characteristics and needs of each participating group and to its educational, artistic, social and cognitive goals, in order to be accessed by as many children as possible.

The AstronART is a cultural, educational and social initiative by Fani Boudouroglou, fellow of the START-Create Cultural Change program of the Robert Bosch Foundation conducted by the Goethe Institute and the German Association of Sociocultural Centers.